You’re planning a much awaited holiday with family and friends for relaxing and rejuvenating yourself. You’ve finalised the destination and, needless to day, you are faced with a choice of hotels and private holidays villas. Now you want this holiday to be truly memorable and great fun for all the guests, and you’re leaving no stone unturned to make it truly unforgettable. But the confusion still remains: should you opt for the regular hotels or should you choose a luxury private villa for a more personal holiday experience?

Let us help you make a decision by outlining the unique features offers by a private holiday villa, and how choosing the latter will be the best decision you’ve ever made on your holiday.

Villas offer you more privacy

Private homes come with own boundary and offer a secluded holiday experience, as compared to a hotel where you privacy ends the moment you step out of your room. Unlike a hotel, you have the whole swimming pool to yourself and do not have to share it with strangers. Only your family and friends have exclusive access to hours of splashing around and having a good time. When it’s time to enjoy flavourful delicacies at meal time, you can pamper your taste buds with your choicest delights, unlike a hotel where you have to no choice but to eat what’s on the menu. Also, all your cars will be parked right in front of you and not in some underground basement, if you were stay in a hotel.

Villas give you a quiet space

Unlike hotels, where there is a constant chatter of strangers which you have to hear whether or not you like it, in a villa you will enjoy all conversations as everyone is either family or friend and will indulge in conversation which everyone else can identify with. You certainly won’t have noisy guests in adjoining rooms disturbing your privacy.

Villas give you more space value for money

When you’re holidaying in a big group of say more than 10 people, renting a private villa makes better economic sense. A hotel limits occupation to two guests, so you would have to book 5 rooms, which would make a dent in your pocket. In a comparatively lower budget, you can avoid cramped hotel rooms by renting a sprawling private villa and make your holiday truly memorable by enjoying acres of space.

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